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Ryu-Kai Martial Arts opened in 2022 in the heart of Notting Hill and already has more than 300 students, therefore we are already looking to expand in the most prestigious areas of London. At our Dojo, we honour the traditions and values inherent to Japanese Martial Arts through its first-rate kickboxing classes. This is an innovative project based on Senseis Nicolas’ & Julien’s 15 years of experience, and expertise in the Martial Arts industry. We are now looking to bring in a new candidate to become a Sensei to help Ryu-Kai develop and grow further - and to play a key role within our company.



From Senpai to Sensei:

  • Starting as a Senpai (lead student), study and learn the Ryu-Kai curriculum

  • Shadow and assist Senseis until attaining the black belt* (*regardless of your current grade in any Martial Art - you will have to go through the Ryu-Kai curriculum. The timeline will depend on your current level, and ability and conviction to learn)

  • Lead classes of children and adults; teach and give constructive feedback to students to help them grow and develop their techniques to obtain their next belt

  • Create a positive, non-intimidating and safe environment for our students, all ages, genders and fitness levels alike

  • Lead grading classes, and evaluate students based on their performance to obtain the next belt


  • Potential evolution: If you have proven that you master the Ryu-Kai way, demonstrated by obtaining the black belt and through consistent excellent feedback from our most dedicated students and Senpais, you will be awarded the unique and prestigious position of Sensei, and therefore have the opportunity to eventually run your own club under the Ryu-Kai umbrella. By becoming a Ryu-Kai Sensei, you will be excelling at the very top of the Martial Arts' world!



  • Experience in Martial Arts, ideally also in boxing

  • Preferred experience as Senpai in your early years, having worked with children 5+ (mentoring, coaching, tutoring etc.)

  • Interpersonal skills and comfortable when interacting with classes/an audience

  • Proactive team player and positive problem solver

  • Enjoy working in a fast-paced work environment

  • Preferred experiences in the corporate world or entrepreneurial experiences; including, but not limited to: years of experience in sales, account management or business development, proven track record of success in delivery of sales quotas against business plans

  • English speaker. French, Chinese and Russian are a plus



  • Sempai (apprentice instructor): £26,000 annual salary

  • Sensei (senior instructor - black belt. Between 9 to 12 months of intensive training as a Sempai): £32,500 annual salary

  • Assistant manager (up to one year of experience as a Sensei): £40,000 annual salary

  • Club manager (up to one year of experience as an assistant manager): £52,000 annual salary + 2.5% monthly profit of club

  • Area manager (between one to two years of experience as a club manager): £75,000 annual salary + 2.5% monthly profit of each club they overlook


Please send us an email at to apply, including your CV, experience in Martial Arts and a photo.

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