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Teenage students are taught effective ways to defend themselves, with traditional strict Japanese discipline incorporated into the classes. This helps develop key life skills, such as self-confidence, determination, courage, concentration, self-discipline and hard work. It also promotes the importance of developing human values such as respect, humility, honour, integrity and compassion. This is reflected in acquiring an ability to avoid negative influences and develop a fiercely positive state of mind, steering them onto the right path into and throughout adulthood!


11 to 15 years of age  


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We adapt our group classes to members according to their fitness levels and prior Martial Arts experience.

The classes are highly dynamic, action-packed, and importantly, lots of fun!

We hold traditional belt gradings every six weeks.

Price range: £15 to £30 per class depending on membership chosen

GROUP CLASSES  (45 mins) 


Personal classes are private classes that are shared with up to three members. These classes are designed for those who want to benefit from close interaction with their Sensei, and dramatically accelerate their progress in terms of technique, fitness, strength and flexibility.


Personal members can grade at a faster rate than the generic six-week lead time.

Price range: £45 to £80 per class depending on membership chosen

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Private classes are strictly individual one on one sessions, providing full and intense interaction with the Sensei. Private classes are best for members who have specific goals that they want to achieve in the shortest possible time.


Private members can grade at the fastest rate, naturally fast-tracking their progress to Black belt status.

Price range: £90 to £140 per class depending on membership chosen

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