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Ryu-Kai Martial Arts honours the traditions and values inherent in authentic Japanese Martial Arts through its first-rate kickboxing classes. The high-level teaching programme provides a unique and superior standard of training, enhancing fitness and self-discipline while acting as a support mechanism for members as they embark on their kickboxing journey.

The Ryu-Kai Martial Arts project is an innovation based on Sensei Nicolas' 15 years' experience, expertise and knowledge in the Martial Arts industry. Alongside his brother, Sensei Julien, they will be offering fun and adrenaline fuelled classes that are suitable for all ages, genders and fitness levels, in a non-intimidating, friendly and luxurious environment.​

Ryu-Kai Martial Arts' style of Kickboxing is a very unique, modern and highly effective mix of Western Boxing for punches' efficiency, Wadō-Ryū Karate for kicking' efficiency and Thai Boxing for knees and elbows' efficiency.

We stand out by incorporating strict Japanese discipline in our teaching, which ultimately brings the best out of our students. Our classes promote a sense of positivity and general wellbeing, and helps children to develop good behavioural and concentration skills.

Our Ryu-Kai Dojo will host premium contemporary club facilities, while providing exceptional 5* service and customer experience. Our club’s community spirit will encourage interactions between students/Senseis (instructors), which will provide scope for enhanced development and training opportunities and to introduce club social events outside of the formal teaching regime.​​

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