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Sensei Julien is the younger brother of Sensei Nicolas. He also grew up in Nimes, and became an avid sportsman from an early age, partaking in swimming and rugby, which he practised until his teens. 


At the age of 12, Sensei Julien discovered kickboxing by participating in a class taught by his older brother. He was immediately captivated by the energy and discipline of the sport and travelled to London several times a year to continue to train with his brother. He soon realised that he had a natural aptitude for kickboxing, instantly feeling at ease with the intense training regime and quickly progressing through the belts. Sensei Julien impressed with his strong physical and mental strength, remarkable speed and agility, and the rate in which he generally progressed. Despite infrequent fleeting visits, Sensei Julien still managed to achieve his Blue belt only a few short years after his first ever trip to London; an impressive feat!


In 2018, Sensei Julien became a full-time instructor in Xen-Do Martial Arts, happily moving to London to embark on a new career in the Martial Arts industry. Within a year, his commitment and quick ability to learn, secured him a Black belt and resultant Sensei status, an extraordinary accomplishment! Sensei Julien found his position incredibly rewarding, relishing the opportunity to help people change their lives for the better through the adoption of a new discipline. He is now thrilled to be combining his passion for Martial Arts with his brother at Ryu-Kai Martial Arts!

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