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Sensei Nicolas grew up in Nimes, a Roman city in Southern France, and began his Martial Arts journey with Shotokan Karate at the age of seven, which he practiced religiously for eight years. Through karate, he achieved a high level of self-discipline and self-confidence, which sparked his passion for Martial Arts. The discipline developed a strong inner mental strength, a healthy lifestyle and helped direct him onto the right path in life.


Between the ages of 15 and 22, Sensei Nicolas developed a liking for more fluid and modern forms of combat and practiced traditional Boxing and Thai boxing.


Sensei Nicolas came to London in 2006 and was introduced to kickboxing when he joined Xen-Do Martial Arts, a mix of traditional Martial Arts and Western Boxing; an evolutionary move, considering his prior experience. The modern style of Martial Art appealed because of its fluidity, effectiveness in terms of self-defence, intensity, and ability to enhance core strength and provide whole body conditioning. 


Sensei Nicolas progressed at a tremendous rate through the belt system, and started teaching within the same year, becoming an official Sensei by achieving his black belt in 2009. He was passionate in his Sensei role, seeing it as a powerful way to make people feel stronger and more confident, not just in the Dojo, but generally in life. His enthusiasm, passion and energy fuelled members to break through their physical limits and push the boundaries to become the best that they can be. Sensei Nicolas took on the role of manager in 2011 and reached the prestigious level of 5th Dan in 2018. 

Sensei Nicolas is now proud to open his first club and offer a Kickboxing style which is not only very effective, but also incorporates the same Japanese discipline that helped shape his life in his younger years. Ryu-Kai members will need to be fully committed, and adhere to a strict code of respect, honour, integrity and humility, all within a friendly and non-intimidating environment. 

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